Unleash the adventurer in you and let yourself be tempted by Quad and Buggy rides in the Vallée des Couleurs Natural Park! Thrill seekers will not be insensitive to the formidable path that we have traced for an optimal discovery of our landscapes and unique panoramic views. Create memories and quench your thirst for adventure and exploration with the 23 Colored Earth and many more breathtaking landscapes along our tours.

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Requirements for the Quad and Buggy ride in La Vallée des Couleurs


Buggy ride

Minimum height (Driver)

Minimum height (Passenger)

Minimum Age (Driver)
16 years

Minimum Age (Driver)
16 years

Minimum Age (Passenger)
12 years

Minimum Age(Passenger)
6 years


We live for the nature

The best off-road adventure in Mauritius

There is nothing more exciting than driving a quad on one of the most fascinating terrains on the island! Ideal to spend your thirst for adventure, especially since you will be accompanied by the roar of the engine and the extraordinary view of the earth of 23 colors and the landscape untouched by man all along the route.

Memories behind the wheel! Satisfy your thirst for adventure on the Natural Park Buggy Circuit. La Vallée des Couleurs also offers Buggy rides along these same amazing tracks for a group activity. The activity is ideal for family rides as it is safer for children and provides a more comfortable experience while you explore our panoramic landscapes of unique beauty and wild nature.

Quads and Buggies available at the natural park

Our vehicles with 450cc and 625cc engines are equipped with automatic transmission and power steering to make your ride comfortable. More than 50 quads and buggies are available for a memorable ride. You will have the opportunity to have one or two hours of pure happiness, along wooded paths where you will discover other natural attractions of the park.

  • From ₨ 2,325 to ₨ 4,800

    Quad Discovery

    Book a guided one-hour park-discovery track on a Quad Bike.

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  • From

    Quad Adventure

    Book a one-hour thrilling Quad Bike ride on our adventure trail.

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  • From Rs 3,675 to Rs 4,700

    Buggy Discovery

    Book a one-hour guided Buggy escapade and discover our Park.

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  • From Rs 3,450 to Rs 6,300

    Quad Discovery & Adventure

    Book an exciting two-hour guided Quad Bike escapade on both our Discovery and Adventure trail.

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  • From Rs 6,250 to Rs 12,800

    Combo Packages

    Unleash the adventurer within, try our Quad bikes & buggies! Thrill-seekers will love the terrific path we have traced for the optimal discovery of our unique landscapes and views.

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  • From Rs , 1,000

    Private Guide for Quad Biking

    If you prefer to stay away from group rides, book your own private guide!

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