Activities | La Vallee Des Couleurs

A wide collection of activities for all ages

More than 20 quads and buggies are available for an adventurous drive of either 1 or 2 hour full of thrills along wooded paths along which will unfold a flora and fauna.

Our experienced guide trains you to become a quad driver expert in no time before leaving for your adventures . You can drive the buggy using the same routes as the quad and have a thrilling sensation. Children as from 6 years will be accompanied by the guide.

A choice of 2 different types of quads are available :

450 cc

The 450cc quad bikes are equipped with an automatic speed and power steering. Comfort is guaranteed and they are ideal for muddy tracks, steeps, mountainous regions and crossing rivers

550 cc

Having almost the same features as the 500cc quad bike except that it is faster, comfortable and It has multiple options and is more sophisticated.

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We are proud to have the longest Zipline (1.5km) in Mauritius. Different lengths of ziplines are available at La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park. Children as from 6 years can experience our short lines

The Initiator (500m)

Our shortest line, for beginners , just for you to have a taste of flying like a bird.

The Waterfall Zipline

Enjoy flying like a bird and crashing into a waterfall

The Signature (1.5km)

In a flying position, you visit the park by the air. This activity promises to offer you 100% of excitement and 100% of adrenaline.

The Discovery Tour (1.6km)

For more fun and excitement, La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park also offers you a five lines package of 1.6 km in total.

La Vallée Extreme Tour (3.1km)

You can’t get enough of one or two zip lines? This package is for you ! 3.1km flying

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Suspended at a height of 80 to 100 metres above the forest canopy, breathe in the fresh air with each step you take on the longest suspended bridge in the Indian Ocean, 350 metres of pure marvel. Feel the wind against your face while you enjoy the panoramic view of the south of the island like nowhere else.

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Gravity simply delivers a ride that is thrilling enough for the extreme adventurer yet enjoyable for older and younger riders. The riders manage their own speed, therefore self-regulate their own experience. Luge Karting is an addictive activity with sufficient control to manage speed and G-forces to suit all skill levels.

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You can also enjoy a ride in one of our private cars to visit our park with all comfort with one of our experienced drivers.

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The Dream trip is a visit of the park which ends at the highest point of the park with a unique and breathtaking view of the seven villages of the South.

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La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park offers you the opportunity of discovering its magnificent landscape walking that will make your journey memorable: mountains, waterfalls, ponds, indigenous fauna and flora, multi-coloured earth and a panoramic view of the South Coast of Mauritius.

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