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Beyond Imagination

Enjoy our adrenaline-rushing activities,
such as quad biking, ziplines and more,
around our iconic 23-colored Earth centered Nature Park,
together with our heart-warming animal farm.
And why not enjoy a meal in one of our two restaurants?

Our Pride

Spread over 450 acres of land, La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park is operational since the 4th of July 1998. The range of natural and green landscapes revolves around the indigenous fauna and flora. Actively engaged in the eco-tourism business, the discovery of the 23 coloured earth constitutes of a unique geological feature in this part of the world for both Mauritians and overseas visitors.

Zipline, Quad, Buggy, Nepalese Bridge, Luge Kart

What's the use of a more than 450 acres wide playground without thrilling activities?

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For the little ones, we offer them a memorable tour of our animal farm

Deers, Rabbits, Peacocks, Tortoise, Fishes, Birds, and so many more

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